View from the house where we’re staying

“Aussie, we’re going home tomorrow. Wasn’t this week of vacation on the Cape a blast?”


“What did you like most about it, Auss? The beach?”


“The waves?”

“Heaven forbid.”

“The dunes?”


“Then what, Aussie?”


“Rabbits? Aussie, we have lots of rabbits back home. What’s so special about these rabbits?”

“They’re tame. They practically come to me begging to be slaughtered.”

“Years ago they had lots more coyotes here, Aussie, which ate the rabbits. They got rid of most of the coyotes, so now the rabbits are running all over the place. They’re not afraid of anybody.”

“Let me tell you, this was no vacation for me. It’s hard to do the work of so many coyotes.”

“Aussie, I think you’re addicted to rabbits.”

“Addiction is what makes life worth living.”

“Addiction, Aussie, limits your freedom.”

“If I was completely free, I’d still choose to chase rabbits. And by the way, you don’t have to feed me.”

“Really? When do you ever forego a meal, Auss?”

“I’ve been eating French food all week. Lapin a la Bourguignonne, Lapin a la Cocotte, Lapin a—”

“Rabbit three times a day? My goodness, Aussie, you truly are addicted.”

“And loving it.”

“Our entire practice is to let go of our addictions. You know, Auss, whenever Bernie would address an audience, he’d introduce himself this way: ‘Hi, I’m Bernie, and I’m an addict. I’m addicted to myself, and I will always be addicted to myself.’ Addiction to the self is relentless.”

“Take my word for it, it’s nothing compared to an addiction to rabbits. Rabbits are all I think about.”


“How do I not think about rabbits? How do I not think about the only thing I love about Cape Cod? Rabbits are everywhere: I can see them, I can taste them, I can smell them, I can hear them! How do I not think about rabbits?”

“Aussie, let go of rabbits.”

“I can’t.”

“Take a deep breath, Aussie.”

“Breathed. Still thinking of rabbits.”

“Take another deep breath.”

“Breathed. Still thinking about rabbits.”

“Walk slowly and mindfully, smell the flowers and the grass, enjoy the sunset.”

“Still thinking about rabbits.”

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