So many of you responded to my first appeal for support. Thank you thank you thank you. It was heartwarming beyond measure.

“As heartwarming as me?”

“Shut up, Aussie, I’m mad at you.”

I want to thank so many people. And also to say that we have some technical issues, which will work out. I am sorry that donation buttons didn’t appear on all the posts, but I’m confident they will soon. And this, indeed, is why the blog needs donations, because things don’t always work all the time.

“Tell the truth, Boss, you fucked up.”

“I’m not good with computers, Aussie, that’s why the highly capable Silvana is helping out.”

“You can’t even maintain the fence behind the yard!”

I couldn’t believe it. Yesterday morning Harry barked like crazy, staring out my office door with his eyes popping out of his head. I finally looked out and there was the Juvenile Delinquent—outside the fence!

“You haven’t escaped in a long while, Aussie.”

“I was miserable for ages, but I never forgot my mission, Boss. And I happened to notice that a lot of snow had fallen.”


“So the distance between the top of the snow and the top of the fence has diminished considerably. I took a step back and leaped to freedom! It felt like the Berlin Wall all over again.”

“I think they dug under the Berlin Wall, not over, Aussie. I have to admit that when I went out to get you, you looked happier than I’d seen you in a long time. Not that that justifies anything.”

“And did you see the looks Harry gave me?”

Harry sat on the snow and looked at Aussie gallivanting around, tail twitching, with the most adoring, awestruck gaze I’d ever seen on his face.

“Say the truth, Boss, does he ever look like that at you?”

“At least he didn’t try leaping over the fence.”

“He will. Remember how he was afraid to cross the plank bridge in the preserve? Now he just slides across with his back legs up in the air. Remember how afraid he was to go down into the water? By summer he became a champion splasher. That mountain cur has potential.”

Even as I tried to work out why donation buttons weren’t appearing on the post and thanking folks who were pointing it out to me, Aussie kept on flying over the fence like some gigantic seabird, then flying over the snow for good measure, Harry yapping and mewling each time. When I got tired of it I went into the garage, found two table stands and dragged them up the snowy slope to block Aussie, as well as a long wooden strip. If I’d had time I’d have gone for sandbags.

Aussie looked quietly, sniffing around.

“I win this one,” I told her before going back to my office.

A half hour later she was flying over the snow on the other side of the fence again, looking gaily over her shoulder at me. I could swear that half her joy comes out of foiling me time and time again.

I worked a few more hours trying to make things work on the blog when Harry whinnied by the front door. I walked over there and let her in. “Finally came home, eh?”

She sashays over to my office and jumps onto the blanket on the futon, ready to take a snooze. But first she turns over, legs splayed, and says magnanimously, “You can pet my belly.”