“How come you never write about me?”

“I write about you and Aussie, Harry.”

“You write about Aussie all the time but you never write about me.”

“I think that’s because you don’t have much of a personality yet, Harry.”

“What’s a personality?”

“You haven’t come into your own yet, Harry, you haven’t figured who you are.”

“I didn’t know I had to do that.”

“Aussie, for example, who will be 2 next month, is only beginning to come into her own, but you can already see the basics of her personality, Harry. She’s full of energy, funny, sneaky in how she gets through the fence and the look she gives me over her shoulder (Just try to stop me!), playful–”

“You mean bossy, don’t you? She sure likes to boss me around.”

“She’s also playful, Harry. When we go down the stairs she comes to a sudden standstill right in the middle, between my legs, and then wiggles her bum from one side to the other like it’s all a big game.”

“Is that supposed to be fun? I think she’s trying to make you fall.”

“The only thing you have, Harry, is your craziness around food.”

“Isn’t that enough for a personality?”

“Remember how you used to attack Aussie if she was chewing on a bone that you wanted?”

“That’s what I mean. Doesn’t that make me tough and macho?”

“It makes you what trainers call a resource hoarder, and if I’d known this about you back in January, Harry, I wouldn’t have taken you home.”

”That would have made me a tragic figure.”

“The point is, Harry, I still don’t know who you are. Are you Harry Rama, as in Hare Rama in Kirtan? Are you Harry the Red? Are you Harry the Bum? Who are you, Harry?”

“Are those my only options?”

“Harry, you either have a personality or you don’t. Most important, you still don’t have some basic confidence. For example, for a month you were peeing in the house even though you’d been housebroken 6 months ago. Luckily, that has ended.”

“There’s lots of trauma in my life, you know.”

“What trauma, Harry? From the time they found you as a stray on the streets of Mississippi?”

“No, from the time you let Aussie lick the soup pot instead of me. And yesterday you gave her a treat and not me.”

“I gave her her heart worm medication. You know, Harry, not every disappointment has to result in trauma.”

“But if disappointments pile up and pile up and pile up, don’t they finally result in trauma?”

“Harry, you’re going to die one day.”

“You’re kidding!”

“No, you’re really going to die one day, Harry.”

“OMG, now I’m really traumatized. Watch me pee.”



Dear readers of my blog: Two students at Green River Zen Center, accomplished nurses, are returning to Haiti (after working there in the past) for a week of nursing work beginning Saturday, September 7. They have gathered a great deal of urgently-needed medications to bring in, but are restricted in how much each could bring. They need 1-2 people to fly down to Haiti with them so that all the medicine can arrive. They will be there till September 14, but whoever comes down with them can go home earlier. You don’t need a medical background, they’ll train you to do some basic procedures and be of assistance. There may be help with the airfare.

If you or anyone you know can do this, please let me know: eve@zenpeacemakers.com. The Haitians have sore need for medical treatment and the medicine that has already been gathered. Let’s try to find a way to get this down to them. Thank you.