Running down to the water, butt last

“You know, Aussie, I feel very bad about leaving you and Bernie to go away.”

“Leave it.”

“I think of the many times Bernie and I traveled together and did retreats and workshops and projects, and now I travel alone.”

“Leave it.”

“And I hope you’ll be okay, Aussie. You’re still such a pup and you haven’t been with us that long.”

“Leave it.”

“What do you mean, Leave it?”

“That’s what you tell me when I want to eat horse turds on the road or dig up Stanley’s grave. You say, Leave it.”

“This is not the same thing, Auss.”

“Or else you offer me a few liver treats in your hand, but you say Leave it and I can’t touch them till you say Okay.”

“This is not the same thing, Aussie. Right now I’m expressing some deep feelings.”

“Leave it.”

“Aussie, a man went into a synagogue two days ago and murdered and wounded Jews praying on Shabbat. I’m overcome when I read something like that.”

“Leave it.”

“It’s like someone punched me in the stomach.”

“Leave it.”

“What kind of person takes up a gun and starts shooting indiscriminately as people are praying?”

“Leave it.”

“Aussie, stop with the Leave it.

“Leave Leave it? I thought Leave it a very important Zen practice. Aren’t you supposed to leave things all the time so that you could be in the moment?”

Leave it doesn’t mean to deny what comes up, Aussie. Leave it is closer to Let it be.”

“When I want to eat horse turds you don’t say Let it be.”

“Some things can be very harmful, Aussie. But more and more I feel that there is no real inside or outside. I don’t get angry because of what somebody outside did, I get angry because of thoughts and feelings in my brain, and I react. All of us live with some pain and loss, Aussie, and if we don’t come to peace with it inside we’ll get angry at people outside, maybe even pick up an assault rifle and start shooting.”

“Leave it.”

“We can’t leave it. We can’t just go day after day feeling more disturbed and more upset, at some point things will turn nasty.”

“Leave it.”

“There is much I need to change and can change, Aussie. But in the end, I’m mortal, I can’t control everything.”

“When you die, can I tell you to Leave it?”

“No, Aussie, tell me to  Let it be.”

“When I do Leave it, I get small liver treats in reward. What will I get if I do Let it be?”

“You’ll get peace of mind, Aussie.”

“No liver treats?”

“No liver treats.”

“Then I’m not interested.”