“Look, Stanley, it’s summer.”

“I’m freezing.”

“I hung up the laundry outside for the first time, Stan. See it dancing outside? That means it’s summer.”

“I’m freezing.”

“And another thing, Stanley. Why are you sitting there facing the back door like that?”

“Because maybe, just maybe, you’ll remember that it’s time to take me to Leeann. You put my red collar around my neck and then just forgot about the whole thing. So I’m sitting here looking at the back door to remind you.”

“And you think your sitting there looking at the back door will make a difference, Stanley?”

“Yeah. That way you could ask me why I’m looking at the back door and I could remind you about Leeann. After all, you sit on a chair staring at empty space every day, there has to be a good reason.”

“No good reason, Stan, I’m not looking at anything with any purpose or goal in mind.”

“And that’s supposed to be good? Has it gotten you anywhere, like to Leeann?”

“It hasn’t gotten me anywhere, Stanley.”

“Has it gotten you any walks?”




“Tandoori chicken?”


“So what does sitting looking at nowhere get you?”

“Nothing, Stanley.”

“And that’s supposed to make you happy?”