Bernie likes to tell the story that when his son was small and he didn’t want to eat his vegetables, he’d eat everything around them, leaving them in a nice clean pile on his plate. When he was asked What is that? He’d say, That’s my yucky pile.

Stanley must have heard that story many times, and has decided it’s time for him to leave his yucky pile. While his mainstay is dogfood, he knows that at the end of every meal he can have what is left behind. That, all you fastidious readers, includes licking our plates, which then immediately go into the dishwasher.

There was nothing that Vacuum Cleaner Stanley didn’t eat: green salad, bean sprouts, the tips of green beans, the white ridges inside peppers, in addition to protein and carbs in any form whatsoever. But as he’s getting older, the dog gets pickier. No more traces of breakfast oatmeal, no more fruit—and no more spinach. That’s the yucky pile that Stanley fastidiously left in the middle of his plate.

Once he was into diversity and accepted everything. Not anymore.