Stanley, what are you doing, all asleep at 8:30 in the morning!

It’s raining outside. Clearly I’m not going anywhere today. No walk, no Leeann, not even a short jog to give apples to the horses. On days like today I don’t know why I bother living. So I do the next best thing: I sleep.

You were up two hours ago to eat, Stan!

Of course, especially since you added some of that gravy you made last night with the roast beef. You could have added some actual roast beef, but did you do that? No, you did not, because you’re a miser. But that’ll probably be the high point of the day, at least till supper.

Oh Stanley, if we really pay attention, there is something alive and enlivening in every moment.

Like going on an outing with Leeann and all the dogs, or digging up an old marrow bone full of mud and dirt, bringing it into your office, and watching you get mad. That’s what I call fun! Only I’m not going to Leeann today and I can’t find any old marrow bones under all that snow. So I might as well go to sleep.

Wrong, Stanley! The trick is to find life in every moment, even a moment of rain and gloom, when there’s nothing to do.


If you really pay attention, Stanley, really pay attention, you’ll see there’s a lot more going on this moment than you realize.

Like what?

I’m sitting on the floor talking to you.

I can’t hear nothin’.

There’s closeness between us, even intimacy. Think of it, between two different species, Stanley! Isn’t think incredible?

Yawn yawn.

I spot more white in your muzzle, Stan. You are getting older before my very eyes. I see your entire lifetime in this one moment.


Stanley, the One Body functions at every instant, alive and dynamic—regardless of whether we’re happy or sad or bored. That’s why we must wake up!

Do yourself a favor, don’t talk about that this evening, you’ll put everybody to sleep.

George Saunders wrote that love is attention, and vice versa. What do you think about that? Stanley, stop snoring! Stop snoring! Stanley? Stanley?